Why do you recommend sofa protection?

Buying new furniture is a major purchase, and unfortunately accidents can happen. So it makes sense to protect it. Our Plush Shield protection covers you for five years against a wide range of accidental damage. For more details check out our Plush Shield page (http://www.plush.com.au/plush-shield or contact your local Plush showroom.

Can I order sofa protection if I have already placed my order?

Yes, anytime prior to delivery you may add Plush Shield to your order. Simply contact the showroom you placed your order for details. Unfortunately, you cannot request Plush Shield once your order has been delivered.

What do I do if I need to make a Plush Shield warranty claim?

If you have purchased Plush shield on your order and wish to make an enquiry or service claim please call: 1300 075 874.

Will you remove my old sofa?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. If your old sofa is still in good condition, you could donate it to your local charity group such as the Salvation Army.

Who can I contact if I have any queries before my sofa is delivered?

Please contact your local showroom or the Plush Customer Care Team on 1300 075 874 (Monday to Friday between 8:30am - 5:00pm)

When will my new Plush sofa be delivered?

You will find an approximate delivery date quoted on your receipt. We will contact you when your new sofa arrives to organise a delivery time.
Occasionally, delays occur in the manufacturing process due to material shortages or shipping delays. If this occurs, we will certainly be in contact to advise you of a new delivery date.

Who do I contact regarding a payment query?

If you have any concerns about payment, please contact your local showroom or our customer care team on 1300 075 874 (Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5:00pm AEST).

Are your leather sofas covered in genuine leather?

Yes, all our leather sofas are covered in 100% genuine cowhide leather.

Can I pay cash on delivery?

Unfortunately, cash on delivery is not possible. All payments must be made prior to the delivery of your new Plush sofa.

Do you offer any finance options?

Yes, we have a number of finance options available. See www.plush.com.au/finance for more details or contact your local showroom


Why is my fabric "pilling"

Pilling is a natural occurrence that is common in most woven fabrics. It is the result of normal daily use. Woven fabrics are made up of thousands of yarns. In turn, each yarn is made of hundreds of micro yarns. The most common cause of pilling occurs when these micro yarns fuse together and pick up foreign particles from other woven fabrics, like your clothing. This kind of pilling will often result in the “pills” being a different colour from your sofa. Pills can easily be removed with a battery operating pilling tool available from your local Plush showroom or haberdasheries such as Spotlight or Lincraft. Please rest assured this is not a sign of faulty fabric - a quality sofa does not wear out, it wears in.
How can you avoid fabric pilling on your sofa?

Why does my sofa look creased after my recent delivery?

You've put a lot of time and effort into selecting the sofa that is right for you. To ensure it arrives in great condition, heavy protective packaging is used. This can cause some fabrics to crease slightly. This is completely natural and will rectify itself within the first month of usage.
Understanding container crush:

Why does the central leg on my 3 seater sofa not touch the floor?

Many sofas have a leg that sits approximately 5-10mm off the floor. This allows for your sofas frame to flex naturally when in use, ensuring your sofa is long lasting and comfortable.

Why has my recliner stopped operating?

There are several reasons why a recliner can stop operating. If you have an electric recliner, please ensure the chair is plugged into the wall with the power point on and that there is no damage to the wiring. If this does not work, please contact the Plush Customer Care Team on 1300 075 874.

How do I separate my modular to move house?

All modulars are constructed individually and connected in the home. To separate your modular, face the front of your lounge and look for the areas where the modular is joined. Once you have located the joins, begin by lifting the unit that is located to the furthest on the left, and then progress to the second piece (often a corner) and so on. If you are still unsure of the process, please call your local showroom or the customer care team 1300 075 874.

My sofa has just been delivered. Do I need to use the sofa care products that I received when I purchased my sofa?

Sit back and relax and enjoy your new sofa. The first clean and condition has been completed for you. Please ensure you regularly complete the recommended cleaning process for your sofa, as highlighted in your Plush Sofa Care Guide. This will ensure that your sofa looks great and wears well.

My sofa feels firmer than the one on display. Has the wrong cushioning been used?

It is quite natural for your new sofa to feel or look a little different to the one on display in showroom. This is because your sofa is brand new and made to order just for you while the one on the showroom has been sat on by hundreds of customers. Just like a good pair of shoes, a sofa needs to be worn in. With regular use your sofa will soften to your expectations.

My leather on the seats has started to look a little stretched or loose. Is it faulty?

Plush sofas only use 100% genuine cowhide leather, meaning a certain amount of stretching is perfectly natural and is a guarantee that your sofas leather is genuine. Stretching of the leather is not considered a fault. If you would like more information on the natural characteristics of leather, please read through your Plush Sofa Care Guide.

Why are my feather cushions not as full as they were?

We all have that spot on the sofa that we love curling up on, but to properly maintain the luxurious comfort and style of your feather fill sofa, regular dressing and plumping must take place. This only takes a few minutes each day and will ensure your cushions staff as plump and full as the day you bought it. For directions and information on how to maintain your sofa, please refer to your Plush Sofa Care Guide or call the Plush Customer Care team on 1300 075 874.
How to plump and share your cushions:

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